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We are thrilled to get your feedback, here are some recent testimonials.


"Dear Andrew

I've actually ordered twice from you, but had forgotten my username so ended up registering again as I was desperate to get the order through! Your service is outstanding, in terms of delivery times and customer service, and the meat we've had has been of a really high standard.
I tend to buy in large quantities so I can plan a month's worth of meals (I've got a young family) so it may be that there is a large gap between my orders but I'll definitely be ordering again and have made a note of my username this time!  I'll probably also duck down to the shop to stock up on stuff like bacon and ham inbetween big orders as I'm just in Dee Why.
By the way, thanks for the prompt for feedback -I've told my mother's group and anyone who will listen about how fantastic you guys are, but pleased I get the chance to tell you directly!
Have a great day"



"I was the lucky winner of the Not Quite Nigella meat voucher last February. I wanted to drop you a note to say THANK YOU!!!!. We finally managed to come in and use the voucher. Can I say, as a former beef producer with high quality angus cattle, I was blown away by the quality of meat we purchased from you! From the salchichon which didn't make it the 6 hours it took us to drive home, to the most delicious beef roasts I have had whilst in Australia. We have shared your information with all of our family and friends in the Sydney area. Plus, well, you will be seeing us again. We are considering another trip just to see you and purchase meat. Each thing we bought was perfection. Plus, the customer service was great. I can't thank you enough. I was considering that I wouldn't have another roast like I grew up eating on the family farm. Well, I was wrong, and I have to say, it is actually better. ;) We just won't tell my dad that. lol. See you soon staff at Brookvale, we are spreading the word!"



"What a discovery! Falling in love with meat all over again. Will recommend to everyone. Please sign me up to the Members Club. I don't suppose you'd ever consider stocking dairy products such as non homogenized milk?"



"Last week I called in and bought a great rack of lamb which made two delicious meals.
I also picked up your offer of free bacon which I might add was great. Again thanks for your offers and the recipes which I follow . This is a terrific service."