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My Perfect Roast Chicken

1 min prep and 1 hour cooking, feeds 4 people

INGREDIENTS:- 1 whole size 16 La Ionica Chicken. Salt, pepper, mixed herbs and hot oil.

METHOD:- Heat about 75ml of cooking oil in a frying pan until very hot, almost smoking. Arrange the bird in a roasting tin, and slowly pour the hot oil over the bird. You should hear the skin start to crackle. Then sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper and then with some mixed herbs and pop in a hot 180 to 200degC oven for an hour.

WHY LIKE THIS ??- The La Ionica Chicken has the cleanest, most authentic taste of chicken of all the birds we are continually being asked to sell. So we must keep the recipe as simple as possible in order to preseve that delicate flavour. The hot oil is a good trick to ensure that the skin goes lovely and crispy. My family absolutely love chicken cooked like this, and who wouldn't ??

SERVE WITH: Traditional roast potaotes, veggies and gravy.