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Wagyu Burger with Bacon and Blue Cheese

5 min prep and 5 minutes cooking, feeds 4


INGREDIENTS:- 700g of Wagyu Beef Mince, four rashers of Boks Streaky Bacon, 4 big dollops of Blue Vein Cheese, any type will do, small onion finely chopped, one egg, 150g of breadcrumbs, two teaspoons of Tomato Paste, dash of Tabasco or Chilli Sauce, salt and pepper to taste.

METHOD:- Gently fry the finely chopped onion for around four minutes (do not brown). Put the wagyu mince, the cooked onion, seasoning, tomato paste, egg, breadcrumbs and chilli sauce into a bowl and mix  with your hands until blended together. You may need to add a few more breadcrumbs if too sticky, or add a little water if too firm. You need a mix that does not fall apart when moulded into patties. Once done, it will benefit from standing in a fridge for a while if you have the time (not essential). When ready, form the mix into burger patties, the size you like and then fry, grill or BBQ. The time taken will depend upon the thickness of your burgers, but I tend to not overcook my burgers, as the meat is very fresh, and serving it rare in the middle is fine...but that is up to you !!
In the meantime, slowly fry the streaky bacon, until nice and cripsy and keep warm. Cut your cheese into good sized lumps. When you have turned your burger, and the final side is under way, you can put the cheese on top. If you leave the cheese until the last minute, then put a lid on the pan for a minute or so to ensure the cheese melts. Place the bacon on top of the cheese when the Burger is cooked and serve immediately.

WHY LIKE THIS ??- Wagyu Mince makes the absolute King of Burgers. Even Rockpool serve a Wagyu Burger, although I would argue that my recipe is better than Neil's !!! I find Blue Cheese complements red meat better than Cheddar or Guyere. The reason is the depth of flavour that Wagyu brings to a burger, along with its richness. It is also the juiciest of burgers for the same reason.

SERVE WITH: Hot chips, mashed potatoes, and probably some kind of relish or pickle to cut through the richness of the Wagyu and to provide some acidity and balance.