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Lamb Hotpot (AKA Lancashire Hotpot)

Lamb Hotpot... (AKA Lancashire Hotpot)


Buy two lamb neck slices per person ( family of four will cost around $7.50 ).

Per person, fry one sliced carrot, half a sliced onion in oil for a few minutes and transfer to oven dish. Brown the floured lamb slices in the same pan, then transfer to same oven dish. Warm up enough beef/chicken stock to cover upto halfway up the oven dish, ( make it as flavoursome as possible, maybe even throw in vegemite ), deglaze the pan with it, and put into oven dish. Parboil and slice enough potatoes to make a good cover for the meat and veggies, and place on top of them. Pop a knob of butter on top and bake in moderate oven 150deg C for an hour and a half to two hours, lid off. If there is too much liquid then drain it off and reduce in a separate pan before adding back....the lamb should be falling off the bone and is REALLY TASTY....one of our family favourites.....