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It's all about the sauce


Hi everyone,
I'm really keen to give more of our amazing chef-style sauces away this week.
Our in-house-chef has made a product that makes life so easy for you at dinner time! Just add butter or cream to thin the intense base flavour out and serve with your favourite meat or fish.
Alternatively, use in curries or casseroles, pasta sauces and risotto. It could seriously change your life!
Just let us know at the shop whether you want:
- Thick Onion Gravy, or
- Madagascan Apple Sauce, or
- Forest Mushroom Sauce, or
- Peppercorn Sauce

Offer expires Friday 3rd March 2017.

And for our newsletter specials this week we have Nonna's Chicken Involtinis, Rump Steak (whole or sliced) and Shoulder of Lamb.

So, adios until the next newsletter and look forward to seeing you down the shop.

This week we are offering a great special on Free-range, grass-fed Rump Steak either sliced as steak or whole for roasting.
$16.99 per kilo
We are also offering the famous Nonna's Chicken Sage & Pancetta Involuting on special this week. You can cook them on the barbie or in the oven with a tomato sauce.
$19.99 per kilo
And finally, we are once again offering an amazing deal on Lamb Shoulder - see the recipe card below for cooking suggestion. You can't beat this price!!!
$10.99 per kilo!
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Hi everyone!

This time we are mostly concentrating on showing you delicious ways to use our range of Sauces. Our Chef prepares them here in our kitchens, and all you have to do is open a packet, et voila.

I've suggested a salad and french fries to go with the steak on offer this week as that is the really classic French style. I am including a few different ideas for making a vinaigrette dressing. Once you have got into the habit of making your own, I guarantee you will never buy a commercial one again! Their uses are endless - on salad leaves, warm vegetables, sliced tomatoes and onions, or on warm sliced, waxy potatoes etc.

They will keep in a jar in the fridge for a week or so and will actually improve with flavour.

As for French Fries - the bought ones are fine, but do try making them from scratch - you will love them! See the recipes for vinaigrette and chips on the steak recipe below.

Happy cooking!

Chicken Invoctinis with Mushroom Sauce, Chips and Salad
(click for recipe)
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Roast Shoulder of Lamb with Thick Onion Gravy, Chips and Salad
(click for recipe)
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Classic Steak, Chips and Salad with Peppercorn Sauce
(click for recipe)
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