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Christmas Time

Hi Everyone

Christmas is around the corner…it’s the elephant lurking in the room, about to turn us into prodigal spendthrifts. It’s that time of year again, and my goodness doesn’t it come around quickly ?

It’s once more time to calculate just how much Christmas Fare we shall be needing, and making sure that we have all the options covered, just in case there’s an unexpected visit from those relations you were rather hoping would not make the journey.

So once again we try and make it all easy for you…you can order it all in advance and simply pick it up in Christmas Week. We’ve got everything you need from Free Range Turkeys, to the Free Range Gooralie Pork Christmas Hams which have been lovingly cured at our new Smallgoods Factory, Simka Smallgoods.
In addition to the usual suspects we do have some unusual meal items, which I cannot recommend highly enough, having given them all a good road test last year, and these are:
1. Spanish Suckling Pigs, done as a confit in a tin at only $140 per tin, to feed five people minimum
2. Wild Boar and Truffle Salamis, price as yet to be decided
3. Our own Christmas Stuffing, which for me is one of the highlights of my own Christmas Table, and is made from Pork, Onion, Macademia Nuts, Cranberries and our own spice blend…..delish !! Only $17/kg

So please do look through the Christmas Products list, and if there’s something there that you would like to order, then please either:
1. Go on line at www.brookvalemeats.com.au, or
2. Ring the shop on 9905 5239, or
3. Email it to 
info@gourmetsausages.com.au, or
4. Drop it off at the shop if you want to talk to one of our butchers.

Good luck with your preparations and if there’s anything we can do to help, then do please let us know.

Offer ends Christmas Eve, 24th December 2016!
Please click here or on the Christmas Order Form above to see what is available from Brookvale Meats this year. You can fill in the form and email it to accounts@brookvalemeats.com.au and indicate when you would like to pick up your order. Couldn't be easier! Alternatively, print the form off and bring it in to the shop and speak to one of our friendly butchers.
This week we are offering a great special on chemical and hormone free whole chickens from La Ionica. Beautiful quality meat and a true alternative for Christmas instead of turkey.
$9.99 each (1.6kg bird)
We are also offering whole butterflied Cowra Spring Lamb Legs - great if you having a barbie Christmas.
$19.95 each
And finally, we are also offering New York Steak on special - maybe an easy Boxing Day lunch? Refer to our last newsletter for a great recipe.
$17.99 per kilo
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Hi again and Happy Christmas!

Like it or not Christmas is round the corner and I have put together a couple of recipes other than the traditional Turkey.

Both these recipes use meat that is on special this week so it will help balance the budget over Christmas.

I have also included a helpful way to have a stress free Christmas if you want to cook a Turkey. A step-by-step foolproof instruction for a delicious moist roast bird.

To go with your turkey I would highly recommend the Nonna's stuffing on sale in the attached Christmas Order Form. I prefer it baked separately in a small tin. This is also so good with leftovers the next day.

The most important thing about cooking on the big day is knowing that everyone is going to have a great time anyway, even if you burn everything. Just have lots of wine handy!


Christmas Lamb with pomegranate and goats cheese

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Kerala Roast Chicken
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How to cook the perfect Turkey
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