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Wagyu Beef Carpaccio

wagyucarpaccio 2

This dish is REALLY EASY AND QUICK TO DO. 15 minutes start to finish. YOU REALLY DO NEED A SHARP KNIFE THOUGH. It is also very refined, healthy and a good balance of ingredients. The Wagyu depth of flavour really helps lift it above the often bland flavour of other Beef Carpaccios, or even the fish ones which really do lack flavour...the Kingfish Carpaccio that's currently in vogue springs to mind- totally bland until they spruke it up with lime and chilli...

INGREDIENTS: (for 4 -6 People):-

2 to 300g of thinly sliced, fully trimmed Wagyu Beef Rump (Marble score 5, no more). 2 Tbsps good Olive Oil, 80g Shaved Parmesan, 2 Tsps Capers, juice of 1 Fresh Lemon, some Salad Leaves, plenty of Ground Black Pepper, some Salt Flakes.

METHOD: Keep the Wagyu in the fridge until the last moment. You may even wish to pop it in the deep freeze for 20 minutes to firm it up and thereby make the slicing easier.
Sharpen your longest knife, until razor sharp. Trim the Wagyu of excess fat from top and bottom. Thinly slice the Wagyu, and bash out with the ball of your hand if not thin enough. Place each slice lengthways on a large flat plate. Continue until the plate is covered with thin slices. Then squeeze the Lemon Juice all over the meat. Add the Capers, then drizzle the Olive Oil all over it, grind the Black Pepper over, then add some salt flakes, and sprinkle the Parmesan over it, and finally dress with a few Salad Leaves for colour. Wait until the beef is at room temperature before serving or you will lose a lot of the beef's flavour to the cold..

SERVE WITH:- I normally serve this with a Bruschetta. I toast some sliced bread (luckily my wife makes her own each day, despite her 10 hour a day job). Grate some old tomatoes into a bowl, discarding the skins, season with salt, pepper and some Worcestershire Sauce. Spoon out onto the toast and dress with a couple of basil leaves or some rocket.
AND TO DRINK: well you can really drink anything with this dish. White or red, so just go with your usual tipple, whatever that may be. Even fizzy water with a squeeze of lemon juice would be okay.