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Roman Pork Loin Steaks with Roasted Red Capsicum


INGREDIENTS: (for 4 -6 People):-

4 - 6 Roman Pork Loin Steaks from the Shop. Or if you want to do it yourself, then finely chop some sage leaves, dried chilli flake and cracked black pepper and sprinkle on the normal pork loin steaks.
2 Large Red Capsicums
Salt and Pepper to taste

METHODthe loin steaks we use for this dish are from Special Breed Pigs and are exceptionally moist and tender. They never fail to impress, and are also a favourite with kids.
There's no price penalty at the moment for the Roman Pork Loin steaks over normal Pork Loin  prices, so why not let us do the hard work for you ??
Heat your BBQ up to medium to hot and cook for about three minutes a side until done. Place the non-seasoned side down first and let it take most of the cooking before flipping it over onto the other side. Then salt to taste and eat straight away.

FOR THE CAPSICUMS: Slice the Capsicums into large strips and cook over the flame part of the BBQ until blackened and softened. Do not overcook as this will result in them drying out.
Salt them with salt flakes for best results.

SERVE WITH:- I would serve this dish with lentils or chick peas, cooked in red wine, a can of tomatoes, onions and garlic, with a few mixed herbs thrown in

AND TO DRINK:- Your pick really, as a big white would go down well...so go for a Pinot Gris or a Classic Dry White. A not too sweet Reisling may also work well, as would a Gevurtztraminer. Or perhaps a Rose--oft ignored, but it does have its moments and this would be one of them.