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Homemade Steak Tartare


My Own Homemade Steak Tartare: 
Here's a quick, no mess, very tasty and utterly delicious and healthyway to consume steak. First introduced to the Parisians by invading Russians, the French soon gentrified it, adding their own take to it, and it is now a lunchtime staple for the French, the Dutch and the Belgians. In Belgium and Holland you can even buy it from a fast food vending machine...

steaktartare 2

INGREDIENTS (for Four People), :-  500g of finely diced fillet steak,(good rump would also do), but the meat has to be very, very FRESH and NO FAT!!! That's the secret if there is one. The other secret is not to skimp on the rest of the ingredients. One tbsp of chopped capers, one tbsp of chopped gherkins or cornichons, one egg yoke, 2 tsps of worcestershire sauce,  one to 2 tsps of tabasco, 2 tbsps of finely chopped Spanish onion or French Shallots, lots of salt and ground black pepper, and a big tbsp of chopped parsely. Optional would be four or five finely chopped anchovies and a dash of French Dijon mustard, or even a dollop of tomato paste.

PREPARATION TIME: Ten minutes to prepare NO COOKING TIME AT ALL.... YIPPEE !!!!!!!!

METHOD: Ask your butcher to finely dice the steak for you (only if you are eating it that day, otherwise do it yourself when preparing the meal)...You are looking for dice that are small, about the size of two peas. Do not mince the meat, or you will lose the texture. This dish is all about the texture of the meat, offset by the crispy, tangy mix of onion and capers...
Mix all the ingredients together in a plastic or ceramic bowl. Leave to stand to room temperature before serving. VERY IMPORTANT !:- taste before saying it's ready, as you will probably wish to adjust the seasoning. I like a lot of Tobasco and Worcestershire sauce, but not too many capers...Just make it so that it is to your liking....It should be bold and flavoursome on the palate, and the meat soft and rich.

 Personally I couldn't eat this dish without Hot Chips or French Fries. If it's being served as a first course, then you could perhaps serve it with crusty French loaf. Accompanied by a green salad.

RESERVATIONS: People often baulk at eating raw meat, but I assure you that this is delicious and if the meat is fresh then there is no health risk. It has zero fat and is actually a very healthy way to eat red meat. As it's easy to make, I would recommend that you try it and see...