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Chorizo & Capsicum Pinchos

CHORIZO & GREEN /RED CAPSICUM PINCH0S: for 4 to 6 people...

INGREDIENTS:- Two mild Chorizo and One Small Green or Red Capsicum.

METHOD:  Cut the Chorizo into thinnish rounds and cut the Capsicum into smallish pieces. Fry both in an oiled pan, browning the chorizo for about 4 minutes, and leaving the capsicum to soften off a little longer, say 8 minutes total. Allow to cool and thread a couple of pieces of each onto a cocktail stick...serve cold or warm..it doesn't matter which. For effect you could drizzle a little Balsamic glaze over them, or even better a little of our delicious La Tapia glaze...ask for it in the shop...it's unreal..chorizopinchowithgreenpepper