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Animal Welfare



What do We Mean by "High Animal Welfare Meat" ?, and what can you expect to be buying ?

At Nonnas Gourmet Sausages and Brookvale Meats, we try hard to source our meat from farmers who grow their cattle and lambs to high standards of Animal Welfare. We work with the farmers and with the Abattoirs to ensure that the animals are raised, fattened and slaughtered in the most humane ways possible.

In practice this means that the animals:

  1. Should not be bought in from Saleyards Interstate
  2. Should be born and raised on the farm wherever possible
  3. Should not be mutilated over three months of age, and if castrated, then it should be done with a pain killer and whilst the animal is still very young.
  4. Should live a free range life ALL of its life, and never be subjected to intensive feedlots.
  5. Should eat a natural diet of grass and roughage / hay for the vast majority of its life, only being given grain if there is insufficient pasture available due to drought or other abnormal conditions.
  6. Should have permanent access to shelter, shade and water.
  7. Should be always allowed to exhibit natural behaviour
  8. Should be allowed to socialise naturally without enforced boundaries and conditions to prevent such behaviour.
  9. Should live a life free from fear.
  10. Should be free from the torment of biting farm dogs.
  11. Should not have far to travel to the abattoir (in our case that's about 500m away).
  12. That the abattoir should have good Animal Welfare Certificationa and Practices throughout the business.
  13. That the animal should be dispatched using the most modern techniques that do not allow the animal to suffer or anticipate what is going to happen.

In general we wish to esnure that our Beef and Lamb has led a happy NATURAL life, and that it has not suffered unduly, nor led a life of fear.

We also wish to accord the animal the respect of using the WHOLE BODY, which is why we buy in whole carcases and bone them out here, rather than buying in carton meat which does not allow the kind of traceability or respect for the animal that we seek.

That in turn means that we are able to make lots of lovely burgers, meatballs and sausages from the rest of the carcase, not just cutting it up for steaks and roasts. In addition you may buy unusual cuts such as Oxtail, Chuck on the Bone, Beef Cheeks, Lamb Shanks rolled Brisket...cuts that have been lost at modern Butchers who these days refuse to bone out their own carcases, perferring the easy option of portion cutting carton meat...