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Wagyu Beef Pot Roast

WAGYU BEEF POT ROAST (using the Bolar cut):
potroast 3 wagyubolarroast

This Classic Pot Roast recipe uses Wagyu Bolar Blade, and the results will be as tasty as any roast can get, given the richness and succulence of the Wagyu Beef. Normally this cut is strictly for the realm of restaurants, and is a delicious Roasting Joint that will delight everyone and is also as easy as pie to make. ( In fact it's a lot easier than pie to make !!!).

INGREDIENTS (for 4-6 people): One 1.5kg Wagyu Bolar Roast. 2 Onions cut into 1/8ths, 3 Carrots roughly chopped, 2 sticks of Celery roughly chopped, 1 Medium Parsnip roughly chopped, 4 cloves of Garlic halved, 500ml of Beef Stock, 300ml of semi decent Red Wine, 1 x tsps of dried time, 1 tsps of dried mixed herbs, salt and pepper, large dollop of Bovril (if you have it).
OPTIONAL: you can put whatever root veggies you wish into this dish, including Swedes and Turnips, or Fennel... Jerusalem Artichokes...whatever you either fancy, or find knocking about in the bottom of your fridge compartment....

Brown or seal the Wagyu Beef in a hot frying pan with some oil in it.
Meanwhile, place the chopped veggies (half of them) into the bottom of the slow cooker or oven pot. 
Remove and place the browned Wagyu on top of the veggies in the oven proof dish (one that has a good lid on it). Cast iron is the best for this, although a normal pot with lid will suffice.
Now pour the stock and wine into the pan with the herbs and bring to the boil, deglazing the pan as you go to get the goodies off the bottom. Add the salt and pepper and check for seasoning levels.
Put the rest of the veggies around the meat, and then pour the stock and wine over it all.
Garnish if you like with fresh herbs (such as thyme or rosemary)

Cook, lid on, for about an hour and a half at 160degC, or alternatively for longer at 140degC.

The meat is done when there is little resistance to a knife being poked into it.

If there is too much liquid and it is all a bit insipid, then remove the meat and most of the veggies and boil it down on the stove top until the juices have reduced down to a thick sauce. Taste and do your final seasoning. Add some Worcestershire Sauce or Soy Sauce or Bovril to enrichen if necessary. A couple of teaspoons should do it.

SERVE WITH:  Mashed or Roast Potatoes, Red Wine, something with body...I've recently been trying some South American wines I got at the Good Wine and Food Show and they have been excellent and different to the normal domestic stuff. Try the following wines if you want to try something different, CHECK THEM OUT AT:


1/ The Santa Rita Carmenere (unique grape) $12
2/ The Gestos Malbec (very unusual grape) $24