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Tasty Prawn Pinchos



This Tapa is very easy to make, always serves to impress and is not really that expensive to knock out...so try it and see for yourself...

INGREDIENTS:  For up to 20 small Pinchos, buy 500g of small peeled prawns (cooked or raw, whichever suits). 2 to 3 gherkins or pickles, the flesh from two mature, grated tomatoes, a dash of Spanish Pimenton or paprika, dash of chili sauce / Tobasco or such like, salt and pepper and the best Olive Oil you possess, some fresh lemon juice. One or two French Sticks, cut into thin rounds.The French sticks are optional.

METHOD:-   Grate the tomatoes into abowl using the largest grater setting, throw away the skins, then season with the salt and pepper, and chuck in the chili sauce and the finely chopped gherkins or pickles. If the prawns are raw, then peel them and fry them in hot olive oil for a minute per side and then season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Thread each skewer with a couple of prawns (or just one if they are large), place onto a French Stick round, and dollop over a generous amount of the tomato sauce, and then finish off with some olive oil on top and a final dash of salt and pepper, the sprinkle of Pimenton and a final squeeze of lemon juice. TIP (if the tomato sauce is a little sour, then add a teaspoon of sugar and mix until disloved). Don't leave for too long on the bread or it will go soggy. Bread is optional in this Tapa, as you could just seve the skewers as they are...I would possibly put some dessicated coconut or powdered almonds onto the prawns ifyou ae not using the bread in order to encourage the tomato sauce to stick to the prawns...