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Mustard & Whisky Marinated BBQ Veal Cutlets


If you feel like dressing up the Veal instead of keeping it plain, then I reckon Mustard and Whisky are worthy additions to the meat itself. This recipe needs a little advance preparation with the marinade, so think a day in advance. On the day, however, it is really quick and easy.

4 Veal Cutlets

For the Marinade:  One 1/4 cup of oil, 2 tbsps of Mustard, 2 tbsps of Bourbon or Whisky, 1 tbsp of Honey, 2 tsps of finely chopped Capers, 2 finely chopped Garlic Cloves, Salt and
 Ground Black Pepper.  

METHODTake the Veal Cutlets out of the fridge and leave aside.
Mix all the Marinade Ingredients in a bowl and transfer the mariNAde to a plastic bag that you may seal. Throw in the Cutlets and ensure they have a good coating of the marinade, seal the bag and leave in the fridge overnight. Try and move them around at least once.

Heat up the BBQ to hot, remove the Cutlets from the Marinade, wipe off about half of the marinade, and throw onto the BBQ to seal the meat all over.

Reduce the BBQ heat to medium and cook the cutlets for a further 4 to 5 minutes per side until done to your liking. These timings will give you a medium doneness.

Remove the Cutlets from the BBQ, allow to stand for a few minutes and serve.

SERVE WITH: A decent Ratatouille and/or Oven Baked Potatoes go really well with this dish, and both may be made well in advance to make it easy on the day. You may drink either white or red with this dish...but if you go with white then make sure it has good body, say a Chardonnnay, Pinot Gris or Verdhello.