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Getting the Lamb Meat Right for a Delicious Recipe

Buying the ingredients should be foremost when planning a meal to serve. So if you want to develop a lamb-based menu for dinner, first, you have to shop for the meat, along with the vegetables and the spices and herbs that you need. But what should be your considerations when buying lamb?

Freshness – Newly cut meat is either pink or pale red with firm, white fat.

Marbling – This refers to the veins or specks of fat that run through the flesh, which is important for keeping the meat moist during cooking, as well as tender and flavourful.

Cut – Did you know that a lamb stew is best made with meat from the shoulder? Kebab is also cooked using cubes of boneless leg, while other recipes require shanks, rib chops or rack of lamb, or loins.

In terms of price, it varies depending on which part you purchased. Lamb rack, for instance, is the most expensive, while ribs are more affordable. But depending on your menu, the rate may not be a major consideration so long as you will be able to serve the most scrumptious dish that you ever cooked or tasted.