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Factors that Make a Great Selection of Beef

Your choice of meat usually depends on the recipe that you have in mind. When it comes to beef though, the cut you choose also relies on the cooking time. So if you want a dish that can be whipped up real quick, then you should opt for a product with better grade, preferably prime or choice. Additionally, you should also buy beef, based on the following factors:

  • The colour of the meat has to be a deep, rich, dark red and not bright crimson. Avoid anything that is grey or brown, especially if it is already slimy and smelly.

  • It must be well-marbled with fat. If it comes with little streaks or veins of fat all throughout, then you can expect the meat to be cooked without drying out as the marbling contributes to the flavour and moisture.

  • The cheaper the cut, the bigger the flavour. Be aware though that the meat would probably take longer to cook as most items with low quality grade are not as tender or flavourful as the more expensive kind.

Lastly, buy meat based on its provenance. Because Australia is free of diseases that affect cattle, it is the safest source of beef. With that said, purchase quality meats from Brookvale, the most complete online butcher shop in New South Wales.