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Our range of Sauces and Jus are made from our own organic and free range beef, chicken, lamb and duck bones,  by our own in-house, five star chef, Mr.Andy Hansson. It takes three days to make a batch of our Jus, and it is jam packed with intense flavour which allows even the most inexperienced cook to make a superb sauce in a matter of minutes.

JUS are the culinary building blocks of any kitchen and are used not only for intensely rich sauces, but also to enrichen soups, curries, stews, casseroles, Bolognaise, chick pea dishes, lentils, and are even sipped by people to help their immune system back to full strength, as the JUS is full of vitamins and minerals from the three day none simmer and slow reduction to a lip sticking jelly. Straight away, you will be ,making fantastic sauces which literally make your lips stick together, so full of collagen is the JUS. 

We also use these JUS to make our own range of SAUCES, which include classics such as Thick Onion Gravy,  Pepper Sauce, Mushroom Sauce and even a Madagascan Apple Sauce. To finish it off, we have a  Red Wine JUS as well. Just add cream and away you go. Fantastic for steaks, pork, chicken, risottos and pasta. Your cooking will serisouly impress if you start to use the JUS.